Sunday 12 April 2009

Top garden tick

I thought this deserved a new posting ? As i was writing the last post a flash went by the office window and landed on the lawn, obscurred by the nets i had put up only 2 hours earlier i jumped out of my seat because only a few feet away was the Hoopoe, in my garden. I managed a few shots before it vanished but was surprised it was still about after last nights clear skies and no sign earlier.


Dougie Preston said...

Fantastic garden bird!

When you said you seen it from "The Office" I take it that you mean my "bedroom"?

Keep plugging away mate....(and try and kick it over the water to me would you!)

Jason said...

Cheers pal and yes i meant your bedroom.

James Dakin said...

Great site Jason and officially the first blog site I have ever read, which I now do most days as I can't wait to visit at the end of September. Love the photos. Catch up soon, have fun. James (The very tall one from Yorkshire!!)