Thursday 20 August 2009

Multi-tasking, just

Us men struggle to do 2 things at the same time let alone 3 (don't women call it multi-tasking ?). Well this morning i managed 3 for at least 30 seconds, i got half dressed and held a telephone conversation whilst my wife waved a post-it in front of my face which read "Pectoral Sandpiper Houll Loch", the telephone conversation ended, i got the other half dressed and was out the door within 2 minutes. 2 minutes later i was at Houll Loch, met by Mr Marshall who planned on taking the dog round the loch only to stumble on the Pec Sand. Much like most yank waders it showed very well and seemed quite at home, more importantly it was quality patch tick. A check of patch had nothing on show in any of the gardens, a Common Sandpiper was down at the shore and 7 Crossbills flew over the house, i hope there wasnt a Two-barred amongst them.

Elsewhere the Common Rosefinch was still eluding good views in the plantation at Skaw, also present 2 Willow Warblers.


Phil Woollen. said...

Nice pics Jase! Looks like you've got better weather than we have. Congratulations on the site recognition as well.

Phil Woollen. said...

Qucik question Jase. What F stop did you use on the Pec Sand pics as depth of field looks really good.

Jason said...

Cheers Phil, weather is indifferent atm to say the least. With regards F-stop that is a far to techincal question for me to answer ! Does 5.6 sound about right ? You know me point and shoot. What dates you here this autumn ?

Phil Woollen. said...

Arriving 1st flight 25th Septemer. Staying in apartment in Lerwick and leaving 2nd October. Hopefully we'll get a rare Locustella this time!