Sunday 20 September 2009

97 minutes ?

A mixed day today ? The winds were back to SW'rly and check of patch produced just a Willow Warbler (no surprise) and a female Red-breasted Merganser. Chatting with Mr Marshall at the Houb he informed me the Arctic Warbler had returned after yesterdays no-show, so popped up to Marrister to try for better photos but that proved fruitless as it was being very flighty and elusive. Before i knew it the highlight of the day was upon me ? 1.30pm and the chance for City to show United what all the fuss is about. 97 minutes later its all over City losing 4-3. Bastards. Back to Marrister to calm down and brilliant in the window reflection views of the Arctic Warbler to top the day off. Better luck tomorrow.

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