Friday 18 September 2009

At last !

Autumn 2009 is still stuttering along but at least today was a major improvement on the last 4 weeks. A text just after 7.30 this morning alerted to me to a Greenish or Arctic Warbler in Mr Marshall's garden. 5 minutes later i arrived at Marrister as did John Laurie, no sooner were we out the car a warbler whizzed into the sycamores beside the house. I tentatively said it would be a Greenish but thankfully John Laurie's id confirmed Arctic Warbler. Also a welcome life tick. Decent views were had this morning with it becoming very mobile and elusive by early evening and successfully twitched by 6 visiting birders. With the good start, myself and John Laurie decided to give the isle a check but unfortunately migrants are still very thin on the ground with a Willow Warbler still around Brough and Lesser Whitethroat at Isbister and Sandwick.


Phil Woollen. said...

Nice one mate!
Found R N Phal on Wirral today.

Jason said...

Top man. See you weekend.