Thursday 3 September 2009

SBC Alert !!!

My optimism for something half decent today was thrown back in my face, in a word it was 'crap'. The winds blew from the east and we had a few showers but that was about it, the birds obviously don't want to come, yet ! 2 Willow Warblers around Brough and 1 up at Skaw was all that was to be had. On a current topical theme ? Whilst driving through Skibberhoul a SBC was on the road and promptly flew into the adjacent field, unfortunately the SBC only turned out to be a Short Billed Curlew or to you and me a juv Curlew. Oh well maybe there may be one tomorrow ? Or not.

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Phil Woollen. said...

Awesome seawatching in force 8 gales off Wirral today. Cheshire lifer - Sooty Shearwater - and stunning adult Sabs Gull.

Hows the roofing going?