Wednesday 16 September 2009

Double Buff

After yesterdays disappointment up at Skaw decided to have another try for the Buff-breasted duo just after lunch/tesco. A good trudge over probably the most undulating golf course in the UK failed to produce the pair, so decided to chance my arm on patch whilst walking the dogs. Nothing on patch and on return home read the news of a Tufted Puffin in Kent, bloody hell. After diner gave Skaw another chance and took the wife for one of those 'nice walks' again ! This time we headed right, a good decision as thankfully we located the pair happily feeding, mainly in the rough grassy areas of the course. In true Buff-breasted Sandpiper fashion they showed ridiculously well down to a matter of feet, shame the light was crap and my technique of photographing birds that are constantly moving leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully they will be around tomorrow so i can give it another go.

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