Friday 25 June 2010

I Don't Like Cricket

What with the World Cup, Wimbledon and England vs Australia in the Cricket there isn't much time for anything else, especially birding! Managed to drag myself out today in an attempt to photograph Red-throated Divers, the light was awful but i am fairly happy with the results. Hopefully next time it will be clear and sunny.

Also in residence were 2 pairs of Dunlin, with this individual that showed ridiculously close.

Last but by no means least was this attentive Meadow Pipit feeding young, 5 in total that Dr Marshall rung a couple of days ago.


Rob said...

I think you'll find, Mr Atkinson, that the song title you were referring to is actually Dreadlock Holiday. So there.

Jason said...

Bugger! Didn't think anybody would notice. -1