Saturday 19 June 2010

It's All Gone

The lures of the seemingly long staying Marmora's Warbler in South Wales eventually took there toll, with a impromptu visit arranged for Wednesday with Douglas! Unfortunately the bird had other ideas and pissed off Tuesday evening it seems. So plan B was put into operation with the Broad-billed Sandpiper at Saltholme being used as backup. But yet again we were foiled as that pissed off with the Warbler also. So Wednesday's tally was zero. Thursday morning meant a meeting in Manchester so dropped Douglas at Moore NR for a few hours, hopefully to score Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. It was always an outside chance, anyway he never saw one. From Moore we tried Pennington Flash for Black Tern, again that had gone. And from there we headed north in preparation for the ferry on Friday. We called in on the Common Rosefinch that was singing at Glendeven, even that wasn't on show. So Thursadys tally was also zero. Friday morning and an early start to Speyside via the Rosefinch site, again no sign (why i am twitching a Rosefinch god only knows) even though it is still there. Upon reaching Speyside our fortunes changed, even though that wasn't hard. 3 Crossbills in Curr Wood were sound recorded to assign to to race. 2 Crested Tits in Poorhouse Wood were a year tick whilst plenty of Tree Pipits sung around. With time running short we made our way to Aberdeen via the King Eider at the Ythan, fortunately this time showing a lot closer. Back home now to the wind and cold, at least here nothing ever came.


Phil Woollen. said...

Bloody hell. Can't beleive you missed everything last week. Bad luck with the Marmora's - I can't beleive it did one the previous night. Shame Dougie couldn't get a Lesser Spot. He'll have to come dowm next sprig when they get staked out at Moore.

Jason said...

Not been a memorable spring by a long stretch, last week just added to the agony. Soon be Autumn.