Tuesday 29 June 2010

Long Way From Home

This nest and lone egg was found on-board one of the Pelagic fishing boats that had been away for work in Denmark. My egg id skills are not up to much so any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

looks like a Blackbird egg and nest,


Jason said...

Cheers Peter but wouldn't a Blackbirds egg be blue? Brian has an egg book, apparently!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

sorry i thought there was a blueish tinge to them, it must be my monitor or my eyes! having had another look at them the size is too small for blackbird.

The only other bird i can think of with that pattern and size of egg is Pied, or what would be over there, White Wagtail.


Martin said...

Dear Jason,

I asked the head of the bavarian ornithologists, Manfred Sierig, and he suggested a white wagtail, too.
I looked up the nests and eggs on several pages in the inet. The suggestion sounds quite good! :-)
For example look here:
It's a german page, but with good pictures.
Moreover the position of the nest, onboard a ship, is quite typical for a wagtail.
I hope I could help!

Best wishes from Munich, Germany.


Jason said...

Recht schönen Dank Martin (hope thats right?) From the images it looks the best match. Thanks again for your efforts. Nice to know i also get an audience in Germany.!