Monday 6 February 2012

Great Legs!

After a mornings work spent a very pleasant few hours over at Richmond Bank. After the last week of freezing temperatures it felt spring like in the sunshine and the gulls responded well to the thaw with thousands on show.

5 Adult Yellow-legged Gulls were picked out with the large male below being the pick of the bunch. This place must be the premier spot in the north for this species of gull, they are always readily available.

I thought i was going to go the afternoon without seeing an Iceland Gull then this 1w dully arrived 20 minutes before leaving. Though a poor show for this otherwise reliable gull.

Also present was another intriguing gull? Hopefully more later.


Unknown said...

Ah, my old patch, is my hide still there overlooking richmond bank ? caution - do not look at the gulls on RB or arpley in too much detail, they're liable to cause serious brain injury !

Jason said...

Tell me about it. I end up with more questionable birds than ones I'm happy with. I think there is still a hide overlooking the river but it's further upstream. A cracking place if larids are your thing!