Friday 2 October 2009

2 for the price of 1

OK, the Veery on Foula story. Stayed at Robs last night (cheers) then caught the boat at 7am from Scalloway. On arrival at Foula we were met by Paul French who ever so kindly informed us they had re found the Veery up at Ham. For the next 4 hours it showed exceptionally well at times to bloody close to focus (-1.8m). Whilst enjoying the Veery we also had to contend with watching a Pechora Pipit that was fizzing around calling as it went by.

Before Veery overkill (if it can) set in we also took in the very showy Buff-bellied Pipit also at Ham.
Then to top it all myself and Mr Marshall took the road north to Harrier and had brief views of one of the Hornemann's Arctic Redpolls. We also received news from isle via John Laurie that unbelievably a Veery was at Symbister and a Pechora Pipit was at Skaw ! WTF ! The thoughts running through my head were of the possible catharus i encountered a few days earlier, could it be that same bird now at Symbister ? We will never know. Also of note on Foula was a Barred Warbler, Tree Pipit, Whinchat and a Robin. The boat back gave me views of my first Risso's Dolphins x2 and a dark phase Pom Skua (with spoons) was also seen. Upon arrival back on Whalsay we chatted with a very happy John Laurie then had decent flight views of our 2nd Veery of the day. A late try for the Pechora Pipit drew a blank so will try again in the morning. A truely remarkable day in great company and pretty much everybody went away with 2 life ticks under their belts. Stunning.

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