Monday 5 October 2009

Better late than never

Brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine bathed Whalsay today, it felt like summer had returned. Orders from the wife, that we take the dogs for a walk before i disappeared for the day again paid off with a Yellow-browed Warbler, an overdue patch tick. Once the dogs had been satisfied it was out on patch to see if anything else had arrived? Unfortunately nothing else was new with just the Song Thrush and the Blackcap remaining.

A check of a few sites around the isle only produced 3 Redwing at Skiberhoull and a Garden Warbler at Symbister, once there i couldnt resist another look at the Veery. Hopefully it will hang on another day with pals from Cheshire due to arrive tomorrow.


Phil Woollen. said...

Nice find Jase. Vert thin o nthe ground in Shetland compared to other years! Take it Malc & Fred went away very disgruntled.

Jason said...

They were thin on the ground until today with at least 9 YBW's today. Really felt for Malc & Fred, not nice traveling all this way for nothing. They may get lucky tomorrow?