Sunday 4 October 2009

Good Samaritans

A brisk northerly wind made for a bloody cold day today, not that it made a difference to getting out and about. Brough only had the solitary Song Thrush and for the rest of my efforts all i could find was a Tree Pipit over at Livister. A trip to see the Veery had me bumping into Lee Mott and with no vehicular access to Whalsay today ferried him up to the Pechora Pipit at Skaw, which even though quite flighty showed well again. Back down at the Veery we joined Jon Dunn and John Laurie and had my best views as it posed on a small wall in its favoured garden. We then stood back as no fewer than 14 birders arrived off the ferry to twitch this little gem, then in a moment of madness we 3 offered to take them up to the Pechora Pipit, our good deeds for the fellow man. A quiet day compared to the rest of Shetland today but that could all quite easily change. Tomorrow beckons.

Whilst we stood back and watched the newly arrived twitchers we noticed 1 chap with a rather interesting rucksack ? Thought it would make a good caption competition.

1. Oi ! Move your f***ing head out of the way i cant see.

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