Friday 9 October 2009

That sour Olive dip

The scheduled weekly shop took place today, so with me itching to get out on patch speed was the order of the day. All was going well, that was until i got a call from Dougie (whilst we were just leaving Lerwick). He kindly informed me of 2 Olive-backed Pipits that had been reported from the Kergord plantation. Even though my other half really wanted to go home she felt guilty and took me anyway. So whilst she went for lunch i took to looking for the duo in what i must say was the most inappropriate birding attire, but at least i could have boasted to being the smartest dressed birder (in the field) in Shetland, although that had no bearing on my relocation skills. The best i could muster was a solitary Yellow-browed Warbler and a Chiffchaff. Oh well, maybe there will be another somewhere else tomorrow ! When we finally got home managed a quick check of patch but all that was on offer were 2 Bramblings. A day of SE'rly winds today with rain tonight and tomorrow could make for an interesting weekend, lets hope so.

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