Tuesday 27 October 2009

The Sooty Show

A calm but dull day was made up with a good variety of birds, some new some old. After finishing some work in the office and walking the dogs decided to check the isle. A check of Symbister meadows for Jack Snipe drew a blank so headed up to Sandwick. More luck here and birds. A late Common Rosefinch was new and showed extremely well for a change, as did a 'northwestern type' Redpoll.

The Little Bunting was still showing on brief occasions as was the Lesser Whitethroat, Blackcap and a Robin !

A momentary cause of panic ensued when i got a brief glimpse of a very dark 'Sparrow' sized bird feeding with Sparrows. Thoughts of a Junco soon disappeared when the bird came into full view. It was unfortunately a House Sparrow which looked like it had been dipped in soot.

Next stop Symbister, only a Reed Bunting and a Robin. Onto Saltness for Blackcap and Robin. Then Skiberhoull for Goldcrest and another Robin. Skaw was slightly more rewarding with a Woodcock in the plantation, a Robin and the Black Redstart looking comfortable in the quarry.

Brough could only boast a Blackcap and yet another Robin. Tesco tomorrow aswell as rain so dont expect too much.


Phil Woollen. said...

I can imagine that Sparow caused momentary panic! Future UK 400 club split? Sheltand Sooty Sparrow.

Jason said...

That wouldnt surprise me one bit !