Monday 19 October 2009

The vanishing crake trick

A very un-autumnal day weather wise, warm and sunny with just the hint of a breeze. Weather for the week ahead looks very interesting with strong SE'rlys forecast, looks like the roof got done just in time ! A good day on patch today with the the Bluethroat fortunately still in the tattie rig and showing a hell of a lot better than yesterday. The tatties are being lifted tomorrow so i doubt it will be there much longer, unfortunately.

The only remaining birds were 2 Blackcaps, both females so maybe 1 was new ? But the undoubted highlight of the day was just down from the house ? Whilst walking the ditches before a well earned cup of tea i flushed a (probable) Spotted Crake, it flew no more than 20 metres ahead and dropped into another ditch. I left it there until reinforcements arrived, unfortunately i had to wait until Dr Marshall got back from Lerwick and when we did go looking we couldn't relocate it. I managed to get the short bill, spotted flanks and mottled brown back and saw nothing to suggest Sora (wishful thinking). Whether i saw enough to submit a description ? I'm not sure. Hopefully with John Laurie home and needing it as a lifer we can refined it in the morning and make the rest a formality. On a more amusing note an Otter that showed well until i informed my badminton partner, when he arrived it vanished until he left only for it to reappear. When he returned a 2nd time it swam around the corner and out of view. But he did just see it as well as 2 Harbour Porpoise.

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