Saturday 3 October 2009

Back on the beat

After the high excitement of yesterday it was back to some good old fashioned patch birding, but not before i checked out the Pechora Pipit up at Skaw. Although rather flighty, when it showed it showed bloody well and was well received by the masses of twitchers that visited our isle, as was i presume, the Veery that i didn't go to see. Once on patch it was, unfortunately poor with only the Song Thrush and Blackcap still in residence. For all my checking of iris beds and ditches the best i could do was lots of Snipe. A walk with the dogs later in the afternoon saved the patch's day with a Black-throated Diver just offshore, presumably the same as a few weeks ago ? A call from Mr Marshall beckoned myself and Jon Dunn to West Loch for what was probably a Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll found by a local, but unfortunately for all our efforts we couldn't relocate it. We can save that one for tomorrow, i hope.

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