Wednesday 7 October 2009

Delays ! Shetland style

An early text off Jim Nicolson had me tentatively going off isle (for what i thought would be the morning) for the Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll at Aith, Cunningsburgh. The only reason i did go for this was only because i wanted better views than the Foula bird last week. I wasn't disappointed. Hopefully that will be the cue for finding one closer to home ?

From there decided it would be rude not to look at the Arctic Warbler at Quarff, that also put on a fabulous show in the morning sunshine.

A quick visit to Tesco for supplies and it was off home, or so i thought ? The Linga, our largest ferry had broken down at Laxo which meant going to Vidlin to catch the Hendra. Unfortunately when i arrived she was steaming out of the voe, so i had a couple of hours to kill until the next ferry home. With that i set off checking all the gardens and more importantly the plantation. The best on offer was a solitary Yellow-browed Warbler.

Whilst checking the plantation a cry of some description came from beyond, and on closer inspection it turned out to be 2 Otters fighting in the middle of the loch. When the melee had ended one of the Otters decided to swim out of the loch and pitch up next to me affording breath taking views. Simply stunning.

As if that wasn't good enough these 2 little fellas popped up also. Today was a good day to be delayed.

On arrival back home got out on patch to find 1 Yellow-browed Warbler and a Chiffchaff still whilst a female Blackcap was new. A fabulous day lets hope tomoorw can match it ?


Phil Woollen. said...

Awesome otter pics Jase. We saw adult male at Vidlin but distant. Some woman roughing it in a camper van asked what we were looking at so we showed her. In typical big Al fashion he commmented it had whiskers like her. Always the charmer with the ladies...............

Clare Gillatt said...

Your photos have a fantastic clarity about them - may I ask what camera gear you are using - love the blog

Jason said...

Many thanks Clare, glad you enjoy the blog. My camera is just a canon 40D with a 100-400 zoom lens, nothing fancy point and shoot !
I just get lucky !

Jason said...

Cheers Phil. Did you not know 'subtle' is Al's middle name.