Tuesday 20 October 2009

An expensive slip ?

The forecast SE'rly winds arrived but unfortunately they didn't produce any birds, unless you want to count Redwings ? A very eager John Laurie arrived at 9am and with the help of Bella we set out to try and relocate yesterdays Spotted Crake. Some 90 minutes passed by with no luck and to compound the misery further whist crossing a ditch i slipped and fell side first into the waters below. Not only did i get my leg very wet my camera also went for a dip, well more of a dunk, end result the camera was full of water and looks totally fucked. Time for the insurance policy to come into its own i think, and for the cheque book to resurface ! Fortunately as earlier stated there were no birds to see and furthermore none to photograph. Better luck tomorrow i hope !


Phil Woollen. said...

Bad luck Jase. I'd be lost without mine and have an older Nikon body bought 2nd hand just as an emergency back-up.

Things quiet here - Al Conlin out everyday on the N Wirral coast with not much t oshow for the effort.

Jason said...

All may not be lost! Camera has dried overnight on the radiator and it is working just the lens to sort now. Bloody windy here but from the SE so loks good.

Phil Woollen. said...

Glad to hear the camera OK. Let me know when the Caspian Plover curently in Norway turns up & I'll be on my way.............work permitting!